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Behind the scenes

Business owners who have no experience with building a brand, sometimes have a hard time understanding what we are really doing, as most of our work is work that is not visible for the client - like optimizing the text on their website or finding the perfect text to the Instagram post which blows up and secures them a lot of new clients. That is why you as a client shouldn't focus on what we are doing. Instead, you should focus on how many clients or how many sales we are providing to your business. The result of what we do is what matters. In the end, it doesn't really matter what we do, or how we get the clients, as long as your business is making money thanks to our efforts.


The website

How your website looks is important. Just like us humans, a great first impression is crucial. But what is a great cover on a book, if the text and phrases inside are not worth reading?

We optimize and edit your website weekly, based on the response and the stats from the different pages. If people for example are exiting a page after only 10 or 15 seconds, it is clear that some adjustments are needed, may it be the length of the text, how it's formulated or where the pictures are placed.

It is also important when it comes to SEO, that your website is updated on a weekly basis, so that Google can see that your business is thriving.


We analyze your competitors

As you already know, people are already using the service or buying the product that you have to offer, but at the moment they are buying it from someone else - your competitors.

Your competitors - though you may like them or not - have already succeeded, so they must be doing something right, right? So it is important to analyze what you are actually competing against. Is it the service, the price, the brand or the quality, and how can you make people choose you, instead of them? That is what we are going to find out for you.


Why should people choose your company?

Why should people choose your services or product, and not your competitor? Think about it, because you should have a better answer than your competitors, otherwise people will just continue to use them.

So, what makes you special or unique? That is our job to find out, and our job to enhance and promote.

Quality and good customer service? So you are just like everybody else, and expect to get clients? Quality and good service is the bare minimum. It does not make you special - in fact, it makes you the opposite.

So again, what makes you special or unique? That is our job to find out, and our job to enhance and promote.


Building trust

We are all skeptics, with good reason. We’ve all been burned before, or at least know someone that has. That's the main reason that is preventing us from completing a purchase: we are afraid of being tricked, whether it's a bad price, bad service, or a bad product or service. 

So, what are people not buying from your website? We analyze your website and social media, to find out why your potential customers are not becoming customers.


Who is your target group?

A very important question to ask yourself is: who is your customer group? We are talking about factors like age, sex and where they live.

For some businesses, this question may be very easy - for example if you are selling men's underwear. But, when you sell a product or service that "everyone" uses - if you are a dentist or have a hair salon - this is a difficult question to answer. Everyone is in theory a potential customer, so who should you choose to display your ad to?

This is where we take over, and our expertise and knowledge comes in handy.


The right words, to the right people

Everyone can make up an advertisment, right? But not everybody can create a good advertisment. An advertisment that people stop to read, and that outperforms the average statistics and click rates.


How many boring ads do we see everyday on social media? Basic ads, that we just perceive as spam and scroll past, because they are lacking colors, a good punch line and a great sales argument.

As a company in a saturated marked, you have to dare to be different, or you will end up being like everybody else. 

We help you create that stan out ad, and then help you promote it to the right crowd.


Where's the best place to promote your content?

Which social media should you put your effort and money in, to get most value for your money?

That depends on what you are selling, and who your target costumers are. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or TikTok, we tell you which one, and why.


Pay Google to get views

If you dont know what you are doing on Google Ads, it i very easy to burn up your money.

We have taken over Google Ads accounts that spend $150 a day, and get no clients, because they have the wrong set up.

How hard can it relly be? Well, you have to write the right text, display it to the right people, with the CPC that provides the most value for your money, while linking the ad to right site. If the ad is bad, nobody will click the link, and you won't get any sales. And if the ad is great, but the webpage isn't optimal, they will also leave without placing an order. 

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