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Please, don't be the boring company!

Are you working for a company that's looking for a standard social media manager, that can publish boring post that you deep down know that nobody cares about or want to read? Guess what. We are not the media company for you.

Social media manager - TikTok.jpg
Social media manager expert - TikTok.jpg

We spezialice in bringing awareness to your brand, by interacting with the people on the application. May it be in the comment section of a randome content creator, or on our clients own channel. We know how to behave in the different social media platforms, and know excately what to write to get the audience attension.

To get any form of response on social media - without paying the app to promote the post - you have to be creative, funny, but professional at the same time. Do you or anybody in your team have the experience to walk the fine line between wrong or right on social media? One mistake, and your company may be "cancelled".

No matter how big your company is, you have competitors right behind you, knocking on the door. If you want to remain the best, you have to keep your competiton at arms lenght. And if you are trying to climb the latter to the top, you have to put in the extra hours, be extra creative with the content, and the most important thing: make new friends, followers and cosutmers in the comment section.


Need a social media manager? You've comed to the right place.

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